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The Jews and Christians in e-Noam believe that we are called upon to cultivate meaningful purposeful relationships without blurring differences. To this end, we have been studying Torah together on a weekly basis for nearly ten years. The deep relationships developed have paved the way to partnerships in assisted Aliyah, social projects in Africa and more.

Volunteers from more than 50 countries are now active in these projects. Our focus to date has been making sure that religious Jews and Christians, like us, feel at home in e-Noam. Our ultimate goal, however, is that all members of the Abrahamic family feel at home in e-Noam.


To facilitate a forum where the people of God can discuss and discover the Biblical vision for Israel and the Nations, loving and serving the God of Israel together.

Key elements include:

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Aligning our understanding of the prophesized Biblical relationship

  • Study our common scriptures together

  • develop a broad consistent connection with those who wish to learn and to discern the word of God more deeply

  • discussion without preconception of the other

  • find out respective Biblical roles in preparation for the “World to come”

Developing opportunities for meaningful engagement to cultivate that relationship

  • walking in the Land together while connecting with those living in the diaspora

  • recreational and social activities, e.g. during shared festivals

  • build in time to talk to one another and ask each other questions

  • stay open to new ideas

Developing a “mixed reality” platform for ongoing community engagement. This platform can be both physical and virtual, anywhere, anytime with the purpose of:

  • Worshipping God together. Praying, singing, expressing love to God and to one another.

  • Collaborating on projects together such as:​

  • Establishment of Ambassador Academy. A serious opportunity for Christians to connect with Jewish people in the Land and in the diaspora.

  • Develop curriculum

  • African kibbutz movement

  • Enlarge the Abrahamic e-Noam family

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