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Participate in the Return Membership Program, as an individual, family, Church, organization, or nation. This gives you the privilege to stay, pray, learn and serve at the Aliyah Return Center, down by the Jordan river in the Galilee for the sake of advancing the Kingdom of God by blessing Israel. 


Your membership includes one week stay per year for ten years (for you, your family or your Church to use)

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The Aliyah Return Center (ARC) is a  branch of Return Ministries that encourages Jews and Christians to work together to fulfill God’s plans and purposes for Israel and the nations according to the Word of God. Since 2013, ARC has been doing this in the Galilee of the nations. Together with The Jewish Agency for Israel, these two ministries are establishing Prayer Valley - Galilee on the banks of the Jordan River.

  • Hear the Father’s call to return the Jewish people home. Partner with God as He fulfills prophecy! Every level of Return Membership supports the return and restoration (aliyah) of Jewish people to the land of Israel.

  • Your membership supports the financial needs of this exciting restoration project with The Jewish Agency for Israel. Together, as Jews and Gentiles, we bring restoration to the Bikat Kinarot campus as part of Kibbutz Beit Zera. Members from the nations make it possible for various aliyah (immigration), absorption, and social activism programming in the Galilee.

  • A member’s participation gives you the privilege to spend time in Israel and now Africa where you can experience firsthand what your contribution and participation are accomplishing. As part of our Go Nations mandate, members can be part of the “Stay, Pray, Learn & Serve” programs wherever a membership nation is established.

  • Come to Israel and experience what Jews and Christians are doing as we are “Working Together for Israel”.

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Your membership provides for 2 people in a standard room in Israel.

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Your membership provides for 4 people in a deluxe room in Israel.

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Your membership provides for 6 people in a deluxe suite in Israel.

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Your membership provides for 6 people in a deluxe suite in Israel.

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