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Isaiah 62 - Global Solemn Assembly
21 DAY FAST | May 7-28, 2023

God is answering our prayers for a word given that He will raise 100M Intercessors For Israel!

Please make time to watch the brief video recorded on March 5 below. You will also find interesting the recorded message Mike Bickle gave to his leaders on March 6, 2023 at IHOP in Kansas City, MO. In it, Mike, now fully engaged in the call to establish Isaiah 62 Watchmen for Jerusalem and 100 Million intercessors, calls for a commitment to pray for God’s redemption of Israel. He is calling a Global 21-Day Fast from May 7 to 28, 2023. May 14th is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the modern State of Israel! Plus, it's been 40 years since Bob Jones prophesied all this! Coincidence? Hardly! But evidence that our God is moving hearts to pray for Israel.

Mike Bickle Talks with IHOPKC Leaders
about the Isaiah 62 Global Fast

Here is some history before we launch into some astounding history-making events in the days to come – and it’s all happening on our watch!


In July 2021, Dean Bye, Gabriel Bastien and Sylvia Laughlin were led to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. They desired to meet leadership regarding the 1983 prophetic word that Mike Bickle would be used to raise up 100 Million Intercessors for Israel.

They met with some of the IHOP team who weren’t sure how quickly the process could begin. Looking back, it seems God used this small team to help ring the bell for the timing of the Lord. By September 2021, Dean ultimately met with Mike Bickle and things began to gel. In February 2022, Sylvia began pioneering the Return Ministries base in Kansas City. In April, Dean and Patti relocated as well. AOP, along with Return Ministries, HaYovel, Aliyah Return Center and the Israel Virtual House of Prayer were were a catalyst for the first time 24/7 prayer for Israel happened on the Truman Land from May 10-14, 2022.

Together, we joined with IHOPKC in praying for the fullness of 100 million intercessors for Israel since July of 2022. We are grateful for the faithfulness of each of you who have participated in this history. God answers prayer! W
e invite you all to seek the Lord’s direction for everyone who watches this message to be “ALL IN” to participate in the ISAIAH 62 SOLEMN ASSEMBLY.

This is a global moment you don’t want to miss. If you are able to commit to any or part of the 21 days please send an email with “ALL IN”
Send to AOP:

For the sake of God’s Holy Name and the restoration of Israel!



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