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Ariel & Lauren 

Ariel: “Unfortunately many of my family died in the gas chambers during the Holocaust in Poland. My grandmother and great-grandmother survived the war enduring various camps including Auschwitz and was liberated by the Russians in Ravensbruck. While growing up, I vividly remember seeing the numbers tattooed on grandmother’s left forearm. On my paternal grandfather’s side, my relatives survived the labour camps and were saved by working in Oscar Schindler’s factory. In fact, my grandfather was a pole bearer at Schindler’s funeral in Israel in 1974.  While growing up my grandmother would always remind me that every time I landed in Israel I was “returning home.” Home is where the heart is always came to mind when dreaming about living in Israel. Now our dream has come true and we are living in Israel. We are also excited that our first child will be born in our Jewish homeland this fall. We so appreciate the help we have received from our

Project Return sponsors.” 

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Joseph, Hadassah & Family

Hadassah: “My family came to North America from Latvia and Lithuania before WWII. We were lucky to be spared the horrors of the Holocaust in my direct lineage, but my grandparents did have family members who were killed in the war.  We have dreamed of moving to Israel for over nine years but the timing wasn’t right. Now with three children we believe it is time to go and we are excited to begin our new lives in Israel. We are so grateful that there are organizations like Return Ministries that assist Jewish people in moving home. Living in Israel is truly the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue our Jewish legacy there. Thank you again for your tremendous kindness and love.”

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Raphael, Michal & Family

Michal: “My family left the USSR in the early 1970’s after facing persecution for being Jewish. They traveled from Moscow to Odessa, Ukraine to protest the USSR’s refusal to allow Jews to practice their religion, or alternatively, to emigrate to a free country. After two years of having their citizenship revoked, they were finally granted permission to leave. My wife’s father is from Morocco. As a child, he remembers being attacked on the street merely for being Jewish. At the tender age of 13, his parents sent him to study in a Yeshiva in France. Following marriage, they emigrated to the United States in the late 1990’s with the hope of raising their family in a country that embraces religious freedom. We are forever grateful for the freedom and opportunities the United States have granted us. Now with children of our own, we believe a strong Jewish education will ensure that our children will stay strong in their faith and practice of our religion and will thrive in Israel, our Homeland. Our children are walking in the steps of their forefathers, living in the same places they learn about in the Bible. We pray our return to the Land of Israel will help our children to realize they are fulfilling prophecy." 

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Aharon & Devora

Aharon: “My grandparents survived the Holocaust and grandfather shared his story in the book, Visions of Greatness. He survived the war by being an excellent tailor. About to be sent to the Vilna Ghetto, he and his wife and child went into hiding but were caught by the SS and he never saw them again. Making his way to America after being liberated from the Kluga Labour Camp, he continued tailoring to his latter years.“ Devora: “My parents are Russian born of Polish descent. They lost everything and saw some of their family burned to death. Sent to Siberia, my grandmother married the camp doctor and finally, in 1972, they were able to move to Israel. My sister and I realized our dream to establish a beautiful spa salon for women but the pandemic ended our American dream. However, this gave me time to really focus on what is truly important and led us to make the decision to make Aliyah, to fulfill my dream to live amongst my people who share similar goals and values as I do.We so appreciate your efforts in helping Jewish people to return home.”

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Nathan, Aliza & Family

Nathan: “Our family felt for quite a while that we no longer fit the American culture. With the pandemic and life slowing down, we began to think that Israel would be the best place for us.  The more we looked into it, the more we were convinced. My father was born in Israel in 1948 during the war of Independence. He said that the windows were being blown out when he was being born. He cried when I told him we were moving to Israel.  I am in market research and have worked from my home for the last five years.  It took me a year of negotiation and working with my company, but they agreed to let me take my job with me to Israel.  It felt like the journey the Israelites went through in earning the Land of Israel, but we are so grateful to have made it! How special to us to receive personal communication from our sponsors whose generosity helped us along our journey. Going through the process, it felt like doors were being opened for us like never before. Thank you so much for your prayers, good wishes and efforts on our behalf.”

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Joshua, Coral & Family

Joshua: ”My grandfather was the only survivor of the Holocaust of his ten siblings. After the war, he made his way to Israel but moved to New York 10 years later. My sister made Aliyah in 2004 and ever since our visit to her new home we realized how viable life in Israel can be and yearned to make the move.  We are proud Zionists who have dreamed of raising our children in our homeland for years. While we truly regret not making the move sooner, we are optimistic that our children will flourish in Israel and love living there. We are honoured and excited to have the opportunity to move to the land our ancestors have dreamed of for 2,000 years, and are extremely grateful to Project Return for helping make our dream come true!"