Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues,

proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.  

Matthew 9:35

Our 2016 Loving God Blessing Israel Restoration Journey was filled with surprises from the Lord!

He met everyone in special ways and we want to give testimony to some of the miracles

that took place on this journey.

"If I only touch His garment I will get well."  But Jesus turning and

seeing her said, "Daughter,  take courage; your faith has made you well."  

Matthew 9:21-22




Sheila "Mazel" Joines of North Carolina arrived on the Restoration Journey with much help from her husband Phil.  She had been suffering from severe Celiac disease and MS for years and her condition was growing progressively worse each year. But being the trooper she is, she wanted to be part of all that was happening.


Mazal shares, "I was looking out over the Sea of Galilee that first evening when the Lord spoke to me and said I was to 'cross over.'"


When Dean Bye spoke about the baptismal site at the Jordan River as a place of "crossing over," her heart began to pound and she knew the Lord was about to do something miraculous. Mazel was helped into the water and, in faith, immersed seven times. She came out of the water praising God and danced up the slippery steps -unaided! From that day forward she ate foods she hasn't eaten in years and her body is moving without restriction or pain.


The doctor says he sees evidence of her body growing stronger with each visit and this is her testimony: "It's hard for me to sit down since the Lord has restored me to standing, walking and running! I am back working part time at the Lifecare Pregrancy Center and during a recent holiday, we hosted our 14 kids from Alaska to Texas who all came home to check mom out. I cooked and cared for each one as I haven't done in years. I've been raking leaves with my dear Phil and even helped him clean the garage. Bless the Lord - Jehovah Rophi - my Healer."















Lori Meed of Pennsylvania has a miraculous story to tell. "I have had a problem with an 'issue of blood' for years. Most of the women in my family have also suffered from this and as a believer, I began to earnestly seek God about the source of this generational 'curse.'


My doctor wanted me to have a hysterectomy but I had come to believe God wanted me to keep all my body parts. Just before leaving on this journey in September 2016, my condition worsened and I was a bit discouraged. I asked God to bring me to the place where the woman was healed of the issue of blood (Matthew 9:20-22).  


Little did I know that we would visit the ancient site of the city of Magdala by the Sea of Galilee, the very place where this woman was healed. And there the Lord met me as He met that woman long ago. Glory! I am experiencing healing and believing that my daughter Becca will also be freed from this condition. Praise the Lord Yeshua, our Healer.


Arrival day in Samaria at Psagot Winery.




Phil and friends rejoice with Mazel as she thanks God after her healing baptism.




Peg Byars of Ontario, Canada shares her journey.

“I am living testimony to the healing power of Jehovah Rophi. Diagnosed in April 2016 with a cancerous tumour on my left kidney, I believe I heard the Lord ask me to trust Him to be my Healer and to give testimony that He was, He is and He always will be Jehovah Rophi, our Healer. I am not against the medical world, but wanting to be obedient to His word, I declined medical intervention through surgery etc. and chose to enter a walk of faith in Him, while applying alternate protocols to align my body, soul and spirit to Him.


I believe the visit to the prayer house at Magdala was the prelude to my healing. Meditating in that room in the shadow of the mural of the woman touching Jesus’ garment, and touching Jesus’ robe as an act of faith, I was aware of His presence in a deepened way. I made a decision to accept what He was doing even though I had no outward proof of HIs healing touch on my life at that moment.


The next day, preparing to go to the Jordan River baptismal site by Jericho, I asked the Lord if it would please Him if I entered the waters. I have been to Israel 21 times and had never sensed I was to be immersed. But this day, He took me to the story of Naaman’s healing (2 Kings 5:1-19). Same need - healing. Same river - the Jordan. "Yes Lord," I said, and shared with the people on our journey that I would follow the Lord’s command and immerse seven times in the muddy Jordan. Over a dozen of our 77 participants made the decision to be baptized that day and our dear Mazel was one of them. It was a glorious day and when we came up from our seventh dip, I looked heavenward and saw five white doves fly over us. My spirit soared as I saw Mazel leap up and climb the slippery stairs on her own power. We all rejoiced and I knew in my spirit that even though there was no outward evidence of my healing, I was healed! Today, a year after that diagnosis, I am a 81 year old full of boundless energy with good blood work and a testimony to the faithfulness of our great Healer and Lord. Glory to God!"

Peg and friends Cherissa Hould and Peg Hirst on final night in Jerusalem

Reaching out to Jesus of Nazareth in faith believing . . .


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