Project Return


"See, I will beckon to the Gentiles...they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your

daughters on their shoulders."  Isaiah 49:22


If you are making Aliyah from North America, we would like to help!  We will match you with a person, family or congregation in the Christian community who desires to bless by standing with you in prayer, encouragement and financial support. 


You can be a blessing in return by sharing about your family, challenges and victories which will help to build an impactful, trusting relationship.

Join together to build meaningful relationships of friendship, comfort, understanding and support.

We need to learn from one another so the wrongs of the past are not repeated and so that we can both fulfill the prophetic Scriptures that speak of Jew and Gentile working together.


You are called to help His people home.  We invite you take part in supporting a Jewish individual or family as they move to Israel.

Be a blessing as you carry them in prayer, through encouragement and assisting with the cost of moving their treasures to Israel.

We invite you to take your place in His story by becoming a Project Return  sponsor.

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P.O. Box 419

Plattsville, Ontario

N0J 1S0 

(519) 684-7198

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