October 8, 2020                Dean Bye

Celebrating Succot Around the World

Dean Bye shows various clips of 'Jerusalema', the video clip that has gone viral in recent months. Dean explains that God is using this catchy and inspired song to bring forth rejoicing around the world in this special time of Succot/Feast of Tabernacles in which we are commanded by the Scriptures to 'rejoice'

October 2, 2020                Marty Shoub

The Magnificent Culmination

of Israel's Feast Days

Sukkot [Feast of Tabernacles] is rich in meaning and prophetic anticipation. Marty Shoub explains some of the treasures embedded in the Sukkot festival for both Israel and the nations.

September 24, 2020                Joe Campbell

Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement -

Time of Unveiling

Joe Campbell explains the Biblical and Rabbinical significance of Yom Kippur. He also explains the significance of this Feast as it applies to Believers in Yeshua...viewers will see Yeshua/Jesus in every aspect of Yom Kippur. As well, the endtime significance of this Feast is discussed.

September 17, 2020                Marty Shoub

Feast of Trumpets: Looking back and looking forward

The commandment to observe the Feast of Trumpets (Leviticus 23:24) poses two important kingdom dynamics onto one ceremony: proclamation of what is to come and memorial of what has already taken place. Marty Shoub explores how these two important elements of our walk with God are expressed through the blowing of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah.

September 10, 2020                Dean Bye

Yom Teruah- Crying Before The Lord

The work of return from exile needs a servant priesthood that prays with loud cries and tears. (Jeremiah 31:10-17; Hebrews 5:7)

August 27, 2020                Dean Bye

Hope of Glory

“The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Rev. 19:10)

Dean Bye encourages US to take prophetic responsibility, in the end times we live, to fulfill the word of God.

August 20, 2020        Peg Byars & Cherissa Hould

The King's Invitation To The Wedding Feast

Peg Byars shares about the preparation of the bride to accept the King's invitation to His eternal feast. Cherissa Hould adds her joy at being made ready as a wise virgin and shares about the month of Elul, and how key repentance is.

August 13, 2020                Dean Bye

Jealous (Zealous) For Zion

Dean Bye challenges viewers to connect with the heart of God in the times in which we live. It is time to favour Zion.

Believers in Yeshua/Jesus, be prepared to be inspired by this excellent teaching!

July 30, 2020                Dean Bye

He Who Does Not Gather With Me Scatters

On Tisha B’Av (9th of Av) 2020, Dean Bye of Return Ministries, along with others, challenge Christians to cooperate with our Father in praying with a cry like Rachel for her children (Jeremiah 31:15-18) and gain the blessed rewards for our works. Dean also introduces two initiatives presently being birthed: 1) a 24/7 Prayer-Watch for Aliyah; 2) the Christian Agency for Israel. Also featured in the video are: Chaim Malespin, Jim Granzow, Chris Granzow, Ron Hewitson and Pastor Sylvia Laughlin.

July 16, 2020                Dean Bye

Aliyah Is Spiritual Warfare 

Dean Bye reveals insights on well-known Scriptures that deal with spiritual warfare…however, listeners will discover that these passages apply directly to God’s passion to bring His chosen people home (Aliyah). Be inspired as Dean describes his personal journey which has profoundly affected his present calling by the Lord to bless Israel and its people.

July 9, 2020                Marty Shoub

One New Man

Part 9: Ephesians Chapter 1

Marty Shoub begins the wrap-up to the One New Man Series by introducing the book of Ephesians and connecting chapter one to Paul’s theme of One New Man.

July 2, 2020                Dean Bye

Alter the Prayer Altar for Aliyah 

Dean bye calls upon the ‘Priestly Watchmen for Israel’ to arise at this critical time in history. Dean walks through the Scriptures that plainly call for Aliyah to be on the priority list for all Intercessors who are seeking to be obedient to God’s heart and will in these ‘changing times’.

Pentecost & The Dedication of the Galilee Vertical House of Prayer

Join Chaim and Dean as they dedicate the Galilee Vertical Hould of Prayer at the Aliyah Return Center overlooking the Jordan River. 

June 27, 2020                  Marty Shoub

Marty's Testimony

On the occasion of his 42nd spiritual birthday, Marty Shoub gives his testimony about coming to Faith in Yeshua/Jesus and re-discovering his Jewish identity in Messiah.

June 11, 2020                  Dean Bye

Good News Behind the Trouble and Headlines

Dean Bye, founder of Return Ministries, shares about God's redemptive plans that, although appear troubling, are in fact 'good news'. Dean helps us to better understand Aliyah as prophesied as 'Jacob's Trouble', correlating it with 'Jonah's Trouble' while applying it to today's 'global troubles'. Also included in this teaching video are several brief video clips concerning Aliyah and the Aliyah Return Center in the Galilee.

June 4, 2020                  Joe Campbell

Annexation - Legal or Illegal

Joe Campbell examines the issue of ‘annexation’ that is facing the leadership of Israel. He also shows the
ramifications of the Six Day War that took place in Israel on June 5-10, 1967. Joe concludes with a summary of the future that involves Israel and Christians.

May 21, 2020                  Marty Shoub

Jerusalem Day 

Marty Shoub reveals some amazing details about Jerusalem that will inspire all viewers. Marty also reveals and shows how God has physically placed his Name on Jerusalem.

May 14, 2020                  Chaim Malespin

Israel Independence Day - May 14

Chaim Malespin speaks from the Aliyah Return Center in the Galilee in Israel. Chaim explains why the 72nd Birthday/Anniversary of Israel is so important to Israelis. Chaim also reviews what happened on May 14, 1948; he reveals why this day is both personal and exhilarating.

May 7, 2020        Peg Byars and Cherissa Hould

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is what Yeshua spent His last 40 days on earth teaching His disciples. With the outpouring of God’s promised Holy Spirit, these disciple became anointed apostles and ambassadors of Christ and the Kingdom of God advanced. This is our time to carry the Gospel of the Kingdom with the authority He gave us.

April 30, 2020                Marty Shoub

One New Man - Part 7

On the 21st day of 'counting the omer,' Marty explains how Psalm 67, which observant Jews read every day during the period between Passover and Pentecost, reveals the depth of the "One New Man" principle. Be inspired by Marty's fresh insights into a Psalm that Christians may overlook as we read with a western mindset.

April 23, 2020                 Marty Shoub

One New Man - Part 6

Marty explores the tension between Israel’s distinction apart from the nations and the breakthrough for revival among the nations through Israel’s restoration. This teaching explains God’s plan for the nations to intercede on Israel’s behalf and the outcome of blessings for the nations that results from such intercession.

Marty refers to a wonderful message by Dean Bye that goes together with this teaching. https://youtu.be/AlEyGBmWnJM

April 16, 2020                 Dean Bye

Malachi Still Speaks Today 

Dean Bye gives an update from Israel concerning the progress of the Aliyah Return Center in the Galilee during this COVID-19 lockdown. Dean also walks views through the book of Malachi, explaining how this last book of the Old Testament still speaks to us today. Dean reveals what God is saying to Christians during this most unusual time. The embedded video clip about 'Malachi' is from The bible Project at www.bible.com


April 9, 2020                 Marty Shoub

One New Man - Part 5

In this teaching Marty Shoub shows how despite the tension of Jewish/Christian history, the Jewish people have recognized their calling to bear witness to the maker of heaven and earth to all the nations of the world. Marty uses the Passover Haggadah and the Jewish prayer book to illustrate Israel’s own sense of calling towards the formation of One New Man. To view Marty’s teaching on the four cups in the Haggadah, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEU5MI5jIiU

April 8, 2020                 

Global Online Passover Event

This year, Passover had a much deeper meaning due to the COVID-19 plague. Reading Exodus 12, we felt akin to the Hebrew fathers as they prepared their families for the Exodus out of Egypt. This is an excellent Passover teaching that takes you through the Seder (Order of Service), providing teaching on all the elements that make Passover such a revealing Feast of the Lord. Click on the tab below to open your Passover Haggadah and Setup Instructions.

April 2, 2020                 Marty Shoub

One New Man - Part 4

Marty Shoub continues the exploration of One New Man in the Hebrew Scriptures with an exposition of Exodus 18, Jethro’s visit to Moses and the children of Israel in the wilderness. Marty explains how the relationship between Jethro and Moses displays the mutuality of blessing anticipated by God’s purposes to make Jew and Gentile One New Man in Messiah.

March 19, 2020             Peg Byars

The Lamb Throughout Scripture

Dean Bye and Chaim Malespin take viewers on an onsite tour of the ARC in Israel. Then Peg Byars takes viewers through a careful read of Exodus 12 which reveals the LORD's design: His desire is for the father of each home to remember this Passover yearly as a call to gather his family in remembrance of all that the sacrifice of the lamb pre-shadows. Follow the Lamb throughout Scripture. The Messiah is the Passover Lamb. This health crisis has called us all home - what a great time to teach our children about The Lamb.

March 17, 2020             Chaim Malespin

IT's not about corona virus... IT's about the call of Cyrus!

In the days of Israel’s expulsion to Babylon, God heard the cry of His people and raised up a Gentile leader – King Cyrus of Persia, to facilitate their return to Israel, to their God and to rebuild Jerusalem. So too in our day; God is hearing the cry of His people, both Jew and Gentile, and is raising up a people to facilitate the RETURN and RESTORATION of His Jewish people to their homeland – Israel.

We believe that through this pandemic, God is giving a gigantic wake up call to His creation. And when the doors open again to Israel and in the nations, there will be a flood of Jewish people who have been scattered to the four corners of the world, who will know that the time has come to leave exile and return to their God-given destiny.

March 12, 2020            Peg Byars

The Word of Our Testimony

Peg Byars carries the testimony of God’s deep work in her life that has caused her to carry His message that He is zealously looking for the bride who is making herself ready for His Son. Through afflictions He has wooed her to Himself and she invites you to enter into relationship with Christ in God even in the midst of trials. (1 Corinthians 2:1)

March 5, 2020            Joe Campbell

All About Purim

Joe Campbell explains the Biblical roots, the customs and the traditions of the Feast of Purim. He applies the principles and lessons of Purim as recorded in the Book of Esther...lessons for us today, as Believers in Yeshua/Jesus stand with Israel and the Jewish people.

February 27, 2020    Joe Campbell

The Inner Tabernacle - Exodus 25

Joe Campbell examines Exodus 25 which describes the Inner Tabernacle, including the Ark of the Covenant, the Mercy Seat, the Cherubim. It also includes the Table of the Showbread and the Gold Lampstand. This teaching begins with a review of the offering from the people which provided for the full construction of the Tabernacle

February 20, 2020    Cherissa Hould

For The Sake Of His Holy Name

Listen to Cherissa Hould share God's heart for Israel and how she has been impacted by the Word of God concerning His land and His people. May this message be one that stirs the hearts of many, especially the younger generation of today.

February 13, 2020    Peg Byars

The Father’s Heart

Peg Byars explains how the heart of the Father is directed to His creation. It’s purpose is to establish a safe foundational unit called ‘the family.’ Peg introduces three testimonies to illustrate this amazing truth.

February 6, 2020    Joe Campbell

The Evolution of Anti-Semitism From Its Roots

Joe Campbell explains how classical anti-Semitism has evolved into anti-Zionism. Although they may have different names, they are from the same root…a demonic spirit that continues to attack the Jewish people and Israel. Christians are called to take a stand in the power of Yeshua/Jesus in these modern times.

January 30, 2020       Joe Campbell

Signs of the Times and the Security of Israel

Joe Campbell summarizes the just-released ‘Deal of the Century’ presented by the USA. He then discusses how security concerns are involved with ‘signs of the times’ as described by Yeshua. See why Israel strongly asserts that it must ensure its own security today and in the future

January 23, 2020       Marty Shoub

One New Man - Part 3   The Exodus

The Exodus is God’s signature event on behalf of Israel. But the Exodus was not only God’s covenant faithfulness to Israel but a witness to the world that the God of Israel is the maker of heaven and earth. Marty Shoub explores the dynamics of the Exodus in context of One New Man revealing that the Exodus was not only for Israel’s sake but for the sake of the nations.

January 16, 2020         Joe Campbell

God Meant It For Good - Genesis 50

Joe Campbell explains how the sovereignty of God is displayed in Genesis 50 where Joseph deals with his brothers who are fearful that Joseph will exact revenge following the death of Jacob, their father.

January 2, 2020    Dean Bye

RETURN Ministries Vision for 2020

Peg Byars shares a challenge to all friends of RETURN Ministries as we enter a new year and a new decade in 2020. Dean Bye follows up with a look into the future as the Lord has opened unexpected ministry opportunities and challenges. Dean uses a trailer video clip from Netflix entitled, “Messiah” to explore ‘thinking beyond the box’ as these new opportunities come our way. Be inspired and be challenged!


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