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Why give gold and silver?

When it was an appointed time for the restoration and return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, God raised up Cyrus. Cyrus returned the gold and silver that was stolen by Nebuchadnezzar, and called for a free will offering of gold and silver to be given as a blessing to the Jewish people. This served as sign from God that it was time to return to the Land of Israel. During the days of the Exodus, gold and silver were also given by the Egyptians as the Jewish people left.

Bring Your Gold And Silver As A Free Will Offering To The Lord!

How do I give?


You can bring your offering of Silver and Gold to Return Ministries or you can mail it to us. For further instructions please complete the page when you click on  link.

Today, in this season of Jubilee, and now 70 years after the looting of the Jewish people in the Holocaust, God is again issuing an invitation to the Gentile Nations. It is time to participate in His plan to restore the fortunes of the Jewish people and for the sign of gold and silver to once again go with them…this time as they return from North America!


What will Return Ministries do with the gold and silver?


The gold and silver will be made into to Restoration Rings, which will go as a gift to Jewish people living in Israel (Holocaust Survivor, Pioneer & New Olim). The gift is to represent a sign of God’s faithfulness, and a sign of their return to Israel.


Please Note: Some Jewelry will not be melted but sent to Israel as is and used to bless Israel in other ways.

Donations are not tax deductible; they are a free will offering given with love.



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