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The Road of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, runs through the hills of Judea & Samaria – the very heartland of Israel. Dean Bye of Return Ministries takes us on a journey to find the prophetic destiny God has for us as sons of the foreigners. This covenant land literally drips with new wine and rich Biblical history along with dynamic prophetic direction for our generation. Let’s live these words ourselves and teach our children to be led by the Spirit as harvesters fulfilling God’s Holy Word. 

Operation Moses - Ethiopian Aliyah


Step into an amazing rescue drama that speaks of God’s intense love for His people. Over a period of 17 days and nights, 12 elite paratrooper units of the Israeli Defense Force risked their lives in the covert mission – Operation Moses. Their mission was to rescue Jewish children from Ethiopia and bring them to Israel. This DVD chronicles the story of one of these units.   

Day and Night Watchmen for Israel

How to Pray & Intercede Effectively For Israel, the Land & People.

"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me"  Ezekiel 3:17

The Early Zionists


Step into a graveyard to discover what life was like for the early pioneers of pre-state Israel. Israeli historian and story teller, Joel Goldman, researched the lives and personal diaries of young Zionists with a passion to establish Eretz Israel in the early 1900’s. Joel challenges us to find purpose in our lives and to make a difference, as these early Zionists did.

One New Man

Marty Shoub and Dean Bye team up for this engaging series of messages to demonstrate the 'one new man' in action.


"We are living in the most incredible days! The Jews are returning home from over 182 nations, speaking 88 different languages, all learning one new one." - Dean Bye


"If we can we peer into the realm of heaven and see that Jesus is the one who is ruling and reigning over the House of Jacob now, that he is the one who is behind the scenes at work among his people for his sovereign purposes as king, then that really changes our outlook! - Marty Shoub


Session 1

Part 1: Blessings Reciprocated and Multiplied 
Part 2: To the Jew First


Session 2

Part 1: The Story: Israel and the Nations
Part 2: The Purpose of the Church
Part 3: The Revelation of the Mystery


Session 3

Part 1: Ambassadors of Reconciliation
Part 2: How Does Jesus Fulfill His Mandate?

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