Dean Bye's Teachings

A Call to Prayer For Israel

Join Dean Bye as he shares God's heart on what it means to be a Watchmen for the House of Israel. Learn how to pray effectively and according to the Word of God. 

Repent, Consecrate & Cross Your Jordan

As we deal with the difficulties of Covid-19, Chaim and Dean bring us a message of good news from the Galilee. How key it is to trust God and know that He holds the whole world in His hands.

Jethro's Legacy

Join Dean as he shares about Jethro's legacy with the Discipleship Journey in Israel (DJI) group.  Learn how the story of one Old Testament character has left such an impact on the Jewish people, still to this very day! 

100% Barley Harvest

In Mark 4:20, Yeshua teaches about how to have a 30%, 60% or 100% fruit harvest. Join Dean Bye as he explains the 100% barley harvest and the importance of the Book of Ruth. 

Let My People Go
So They Can Worship Me

Meet Udi Nativ, a dear Israeli brother and long-time ministry partner. Hear his amazing story and how he was obedient to do what God was calling him to do. 

Return To Me

Israel is the greatest classroom in the world when it comes to the teachings of the Bible. Listen to Dean share with the DJI class the importance of understanding God's heart for Israel which comes by revelation. 

Majestic Mountain

Join Dean Bye as he shares from Mount Arbel

in the Galilee, the very place where Yeshua taught His disciples.  This could possibly be where He gave the Great Commission. 

Hear The Voice of

The Shepherd, O Nations!

Surrounded by a flock of sheep, listen to Dean & Chaim share the importance of knowing the voice of the Lord, our True Shepherd. 


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