January 30, 2020       Joe Campbell

Signs of the Times and the Security of Israel

Joe Campbell summarizes the just-released ‘Deal of the Century’ presented by the USA. He then discusses how security concerns are involved with ‘signs of the times’ as described by Yeshua. See why Israel strongly asserts that it must ensure its own security today and in the future

January 23, 2020       Marty Shoub

One New Man - Part 3   The Exodus

The Exodus is God’s signature event on behalf of Israel. But the Exodus was not only God’s covenant faithfulness to Israel but a witness to the world that the God of Israel is the maker of heaven and earth. Marty Shoub explores the dynamics of the Exodus in context of One New Man revealing that the Exodus was not only for Israel’s sake but for the sake of the nations.

January 16, 2020         Joe Campbell

God Meant It For Good - Genesis 50

Joe Campbell explains how the sovereignty of God is displayed in Genesis 50 where Joseph deals with his brothers who are fearful that Joseph will exact revenge following the death of Jacob, their father.

January 2, 2020    Dean Bye

RETURN Ministries Vision for 2020

Peg Byars shares a challenge to all friends of RETURN Ministries as we enter a new year and a new decade in 2020. Dean Bye follows up with a look into the future as the Lord has opened unexpected ministry opportunities and challenges. Dean uses a trailer video clip from Netflix entitled, “Messiah” to explore ‘thinking beyond the box’ as these new opportunities come our way. Be inspired and be challenged!