Volunteer Positions Available

We need volunteers in many areas but we have immediate need for the following:

- Kitchen help or cook

- Communications assistant

- Graphics personnel

- Website design

If you are interested please fill out the volunteer form and send to info@return.co.il

Ministry Volunteers


This ministry is totally made up of willing volunteers with a heart to serve God. We have specific needs in some areas for people with skills and gifts that will assist us in getting our message out in effective ways. The most important criteria is that God is matching the person to the need! If you sense His call to work with Return Ministries, call us to discuss the possibilities. Single Ministry Volunteers may live in residence if space is available, and married couples may need to rent their own home in the community. Cost of on-base accommodations will be discussed at time of acceptance. We join together for devotions, prayer watches, Shabbat evenings, teachings and most meals.  Volunteer means just that, you are freely volunteering your services for the Lord’s work without remuneration, and what you receive in return is Biblical training and the opportunity to bless God’s people Israel. 

Our International

Training Base


Return Ministries provides unique and challenging opportunities for people of all ages at our International Training Base, a discipleship-based training centre in SW Ontario, Canada. Daily we are equipping interns and volunteers with the knowledge of God’s word and His heart for Aliyah - the re-gathering of the Jewish people of North America back to Israel.  Israel is God’s KEY to the nations knowing that He is LORD and to the glorious coming of Messiah.

Be part of the team

  • Live in a praying community that participates in the return and restoration of God’s people and land

  • Recognize your part in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in your day

  • Proclaim the revelation of the mystery (Romans 16:25, 26) through the arts

  • Reclaim and embrace the Hebraic roots of your Christian faith in proper balance

  • Observe and remember the Feasts of the Lord



Biblical Mandate

Our biblical mandate is to equip North American believers with the prophetic understanding of God's word and timing regarding the role of the Church in the restoration of Israel - the land and the people. A variety of experiences await the intern and volunteer, from learning multi-media skills as we develop the web-based teaching centre that delivers Return Ministries' message; to scripting, acting and editing teaching videos; to creative arts, administration, finances, and caring for others on the base through kitchen, cleaning and maintenance duties.



Come Join Us!


Come to Return Ministries. Experience the heart of God and be part of the North American Aliyah - this final exodus of His people, all in preparation for the coming of Messiah! Become an intern or a volunteer!

Ministry Interns


Each year Return Ministries welcomes a small number of Ministry Interns to come and live in community with us at our Return Ministries International Training Base in Bright, ON. Approved applicants may come for several weeks or months, but the optimum is a year or more. This is a discipleship community with defined core values which form the guidelines for our training program. Interns are encourages to contribute or raise support for their board, room and program. They participate in all aspects of the ministry:

  • learning to share God’s restoration plan for His land and people with others;

  • observing God’s cycles of life - the Feasts of the Lord;

  • filming & editing for our Land and People Communications Department;

  • prayer and intercession for Israel through The Israel Prayer Watch;

  • children’s ministry;

  • and participating in the domestic side of living in community!

If you or someone you know is feeling the Lord’s leading to come away for a time of consecrated discipleship during which time you will deepen your understanding of the Hebraic roots of your faith, pray for the Lord’s confirmation and be in touch!


Thanks for submitting!


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