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From our family to yours. . .

Dear family of Return Ministries friends:

Over 30 years ago, my wife Patricia and I responded with our family to the call of God into this
teaching ministry whose goal is to call believers to return Jews home to Israel. I may not have
understood the ‘family commitment to ministry’ then as we have now experienced through the
years. It has meant major lifestyle sacrifices and changes that are still important in each of our
children’s marriages and that continue with intention down to our grandchildren. What’s more,
we’re blessed to have expanded our biological family with so many others, young and older,
whom we truly love and count as part of our wider family circle.
Our five children have all travelled with us to bring this amazing family message. Together we
have committed our lives to the return of God’s family to Israel, first from Russia in the 90’s and
now from North America. Beginning in 2003, our children became ministry interns in their gap
year, and served to help establish Return Ministries in Canada. Our daughter Deanna and her
American-born Israeli husband, Chaim Malespin, helped birth the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) in
the Galilee in 2013 and Chaim oversees this anointed ministry with very positive results. Return
Canada is now led by our son-in-law Tim Heikoop, Lannette’s husband, and Patricia and I are
doing the breakthrough work to establish Return USA with a new and growing Return family in
Kansas City MO, supported by our son Trevor and his wife Melinda. Eldest daughter Angela’s
husband Joseph is our IT guy and youngest daughter Sara-Ruth and her husband Mitchell help
with worship, children’s programs and special events.
The Good News is – ALIYAH IS HAPPENING. But Aliyah is costly and on the increase. We require
more regular supporters and thus appeal to you to prayerfully consider what you may do
before this year ends, and/or what you may be able to commit to through 2023. Help us assist
more Jewish families home and to stay rooted in the land as part of God’s amazing family.
Please join us and let us be your feet to bring the good news that Christians are obeying their
biblical mandate to support Jews making Aliyah by blessing them on their journey.
(Create a donation section like the one sent with the Praise and Prayer Report)


Shalom in Christ,


Dean Bye
International Director
Return Ministries

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