November 7, 2019    Dean Bye

Aliyah - The Real Climate Changer

Dean Bye reveals through the Scriptures the effect of Aliyah upon Israel, Believers in Yeshua/Jesus and the world. Dean reveals how the veil affects the Church, as well as Israel in these endtime days.

October 31, 2019    Dean Bye

Servant of Servants

Dean Bye explains how Yeshua/Jesus is the Servant of all servants...and how this affects Believers today

October 24, 2019    Dean Bye

tour Summary of Uganda, Malaysia and Israel

Dean Bye shares with viewers his latest trip to Uganda, Malaysia and Israel. Hear about the latest developments concerning Christian kibbutzim in Uganda, the Prayer Valley in Israel, and the African-Israel connections that the Lord is opening in the most amazing ways!

More Return Teachings

July 18, 2019     Dean Bye

Hearing and Knowing the Voice of the LORD

Dean Bye uses the story of Balaam in Numbers 22-24 to discuss the topic of hearing the voice of the LORD. How do we know which voice we are hearing? How does this help us to know how to live our lives in relationship with God, Israel and the Jewish people?

July 11, 2019     Joe Campbell

The Rebellion of Korah - Numbers 16

Joe Campbell explains the principles behind Korah's rebellion against Moses and Aaron...these same principles are in operation in the Christian Church today.

July 25, 2019     Joe Campbell

The Dangers of Compromise - Numbers 25

Joe Campbell examines the 'Error of Balaam' as it applies to Numbers 25. This 'error' is directly related to the situation that Believers find themselves in today's society...the same danger and consequences apply!

July 4, 2019     Dean Bye

The Importance of Aliyah

Dean Bye has just returned from Israel. He emphasizes the importance of Aliyah, not just for the Jewish people scattered around the world, but also for the Gentiles.He explains the missing ingredient that most Christians lack when it comes to Aliyah.

June 20, 2019        Joe Campbell

The Favour of God

Joe Campbell looks at the various aspects of 'favour' in the Scriptures. What is 'favour with God and with men'? How do we obtain it? What difference would it make in our lives?

May 30, 2019            Dean Bye

The Israel-African Updates

Dean Bye outlines the amazing God-incidents that took place in his recent Ugandan visit. He met with the Ugandan President, Prime Minister and top Prayer Ministry leaders. Hear how the Lord is using Africa in His end-time plan to bring the Jewish people home!

May 23, 2019       Joe Campbell

The Land Belongs to the LORD

Joe Campbell explains from Leviticus 25 that the LORD declares the Land and the people (of Israel) belong to Him. The Lord also declares His love for the poor and hatred of oppression as He institutes the Shemitah and the Jubilee

May 16, 2019       Joe Campbell

Oil, Bread and Name of the LORD

Joe Campbell explains the importance of holy oil, holy bread and the holy Name of the LORD from Leviticus 24.Each of these items affect Christians today more than is apparent at first glance

May 9, 2019    Joe Campbell

The Need For Holiness

Joe Campbell explains the differences between 'holiness' in the time of early Israel and today. Leviticus 20 describes the various startling punishments for sins that violate God's command for holiness in His people.

April 25, 2019    Joe Campbell

The Baptism With The Holy Spirit

Joe Campbell explains the Biblical perspective of the Baptism With The Holy Spirit from a totally different perspective from most Christian churches. Hear why this 'baptism' is so important for Christians who desire to impact Jewish people who are seeking to know their Creator.

April 18, 2019    Joe Campbell

From Nisan 10 (Palm Sunday) to Nisan 14 (Pesach/Passover/Good Friday)

Joe Campbell walks through Nisan 10 to Nisan 14 from a Jewish/Hebraic set of eyes rather than the traditional western eyes...see the last week of Yeshua/Jesus from a totally different perspective!

March 28, 2019       Joe Campbell

Is It Kosher - Leviticus 11

Joe Campbell explains the application of the kosher laws as it applies to the Israelites...and how they apply to Believers today! Be surprised to hear how relevant these laws of clean and unclean as seen through the eyes of Paul and Peter in the New Testament.

March 14, 2019       Joe Campbell

The Bread of Life - Leviticus 2

Joe Campbell reviews his previous teaching on the sacrifices described in Leviticus 1. He then explains the profound teachings and revelations from Leviticus 2 concerning the Grain/Meal offerings. See how all the offerings point to Yeshua and how we are to live our lives as Believers today!

March 7, 2019       Dean Bye

Prayer Valley Update

Dean Bye has just returned from Israel. He updates viewers with updates concerning Prayer Valley in the Galilee. He gives numerous incidents of divine appointments with Orthodox Jews and African Christians...that only God could have orchestrated!

February 21, 2019    Joe Campbell

A Template For Living

Joe Campbell explains the journey that the Lord has been taking him on in the last few years...a journey that is very different from what is taught in most Western Christian churches today. And he shares how this would affect Jewish people and Israel.

February 7, 2019

The Continuing African Connection - Cherissa, Peg, Suzanne and Dean

Three Return Ministries members (Cherissa, Peg and Suzanne) share highlights from their tour to Uganda. At the 29:00-minute mark in the video, Dean Bye joins the discussion by expounding on Psalm 68 as it relates to the Israel-African connection.

January 31, 2019     Dean Bye

Did You Bring Goats' Hair with You Today?

Dean Bye begins his message explaining the link between “hairy arms”, “goats’ hair” and “a smooth-skinned people” (Isaiah 18:1-3). Dean challenges viewers to become 'swift messengers' that God is calling to participate in Aliyah.

January 24, 2019     Dean Bye

Ugandan Tour Summary - Dean, Cherissa, Suzanne

Dean Bye summarizes the amazing events that transpired on his latest tour to Uganda with Marty Shoub and the Return team. Cherissa Hould and Suzanne Culp share photos  following Dean's message

January 10, 2019        Dean Bye

Preparing For A Spiritual Breakthrough   in Uganda

Dean Bye explains through videos and updates what the Lord is doing to birth a new wave of Aliyah through the African people. The Ugandan Children's Choir will be used to lead the way in Africa and then Canada!

Marty Shoub

Following the Example of the Early Church

Michael Gertsman

Our Call to Aliyah