Bikat Kinarot Center: Beit Zera “Working Together for Israel Project”

Return Ministries established a work in the Galilee in 2013 and is

now bringing restoration to a former boarding school in the

Jordan River Valley. The Bikat Kinarot Center at Beit Zera is a

15-acre property on which God is birthing a unique partnership

between Return Ministries and the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI),

who are responsible for Aliyah, Rescue and Absorption, 

all to bless Israel.

Return Ministries has worked with many partners on various projects over the years to help educate and mobilize those from the nations in their biblical responsibility to Israel. More often we have partnered with other Christian organizations and we consider it a privilege to now partner with such a prestigious Jewish organization.  It is acknowledged with understanding that this unique partnership with Return Ministries and JAFI is not always understood as ‘kosher' by some Jews and Christians, especially in some political or religious circles. We invite all to be patient and support this work with your prayers and finances as we progress in the largest project that Return Ministries has ever participated in – “Working Together for Israel Project.”


Return Ministries, birthed in 2003 and led by Canadian Dean Bye, established a base in Tiberias along with Israelis in 2013. Four years later, Jews and Christians are now working together in the return and restoration of Israel, just south of the Sea of Galilee along the east bank of the Jordan River. Located on property adjacent to Kibbutz Beit Zera (House of Seed), this former boarding school called Bikat Kinarot (Valley of Violins) was home to 350 high school students but closed in 2008. Now it is being transformed as the Bikat Kinarot Center, an educational facility for Jews and Christians living and working together. This is the site of the Jewish Agency’s new Northern Campus for new immigrants (Olim) to Israel. It is also the place where Return Ministries invites Christians from the nations of the world to come be equipped to fulfill their biblical role, serve God’s people (Isaiah 14:1-2), comfort and bless Israel (Isaiah 40:1) and  partner with God in the return of His people to their land (Isaiah 49:22). 









For Christians, the Galilee represents the region where Jesus/Yeshua established His ministry and taught His disciples. For most Jews, the Galilee is where some of the first Jewish pioneers came to resettle the land of Israel at the beginning of the 20th century and the region in which the kibbutz movement began.

Instead of both organizations financing and running the entire Aliyah/Welfare and Renovation/Development on their own, the responsibilities have been divided. JAFI is the primary fundraiser responsible for administration and programming for their Northern Campus. Return Ministries is the primary fundraiser responsible for renovations and developments of buildings/grounds, and for establishing a Welcome Center for Christian pilgrims from the nations who come for a brief visit and those who come for three-month internships.

Now, 70 nations are beginning to ‘raise their flags’ and pledge their unified support to work together for Israel in establishing the Bikat Kinarot Center at Beit Zera in the Galilee beyond the Jordan. We are inviting all nations to partner with Return Ministries and the Jewish Agency in this ground-breaking project. 

“ the future He will honor Galilee of the Nations, by the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan.” 

 Isaiah 9:1b

It begins with just one person representing their respective nation to pray, serve and help fund this global initiative. Return Ministries is seeking individuals, churches and organizations sensing the call to represent their nation while rallying others within their nation to fly their flag, as true ‘united nations’ around the flag of Israel. This “Working Together for Israel Project” has been kick-started as a major Galilee fund-raising campaign in order that over the next few years, an estimated 10 million USD will be raised to develop this Bikat Kinarot Center. Your donation, representing your nation, will help fund Phase One of redeveloping this facility.

The initial goal is to gain an average pledge of $18,000 USD or more from each of the 70 nations who will plant their flags which will raise the necessary 1.26 Million USD. This will allow us to further develop the following priority projects in Phase One:

  • Home for Lone Soldiers (in Israel without family) in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) during their three-year military duty.

  • Unique Pre-Army six-month program for Israeli Jews and Israeli Aramean Christians living and training together (first 50 participants began in August 2017)

  • Post IDF Soldier six-month Housing and Training Program 

  • Receiving Olim from the nations in our Aliyah Family House and another soon-to-be renovated building.

  • Galilee Vertical House of Prayer to welcome intercessors from the nations

  • Prayer Valley in the making!

  • Housing & Programming for Christian Interns from the nations 

  • Hospitality & Nations Learning Center

Return Ministries is honored to facilitate this huge multi-million-dollar project in which nations are being exhorted to serve alongside Christians and the Jewish Agency for Israel in fundraising, restoring the older buildings and preparing the Bikat Kinarot Center to receive and settle more and more Olim. Our prayer is that this will be the first of many International Christian 'Return Teaching Centers' established in the land of Israel with hands-on teaching and serving opportunities for Christians gaining revelation of God's prophetic call to the nations.


Some of the first new Israelis are calling this facility their “first home in the land.” Almost daily, Christians from nations are visiting, some even staying on-site, while they serve in the work of the return and restoration of Israel. 

“Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins, they will raise up the former devastations; and they will repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations." Isaiah 61


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