What is Aliyah?

Aliyah (Hebrew: "to ascend") is the return of the Jewish people to their homeland of Israel. 


The Bible is full of God’s covenant promises that the Jewish people who are chosen by God are to dwell in the land of their forefathers, the land of Israel. We live in the hour when God is revealing, through His prophetic word, that though He scattered them, now He is causing them to return. Since the late 1800's there have been waves of immigration to Israel from Europe, Russia and the Middle East, and in recent years we have seen increasing aliyah from North America.

God says that the nations have a part to play in the restoration of His land and people! Return Ministries exists to bring this message to the believers and to partner with God in the aliyah of His people, for His holy name’s sake. Read Ezekiel 36!


There are many reasons why the Jewish people move to Israel.
Watch the video to learn five of those reasons.
Reasons Why Jewish People Make Aliyah
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We invite you to seed into the lives of returning North American Jews

whom God is calling home to receive their biblical inheritance.

Aliyah Teachings

God's deep and abiding love for His people is evident throughout many Scriptures foretelling the prophetic return of the Jewish people to their land. There are hundreds of scriptures about the return and restoration of the Jewish People. Click on the button below to discover 64 of these scriptures.

"Working Together for Israel Project" - Beit Zera Campus

Return Ministries' work in the Galilee has expanded along the Jordan River and is bringing restoration to a former boarding school on 15 acres. The Beit Zera Campus is a unique partnership between the Jewish Agency for Israel and Return Ministries.


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